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April 6th, 2014 at 2:58 pm by Gary Mawson Jr.

There is a lack of inventory currently on the market.  If you have thought about selling your home than look no further.  We specialize in selling homes and would love to work with you too.  There has never been a better time to sell your home than NOW!  Many buyers are taking advantage of the low interest rates and moving into a larger family home, or are looking to retire to the beach in their dream location.  If you are one of these than dont wait.

Yes values are going up in the area!  If you are looking to move up into a bigger home and you are thinking of waiting until your homes value increases, than keep this in mind!

If your home is going up in value than the home that you are looking to buy is doing the same.  If you are going to spend more money on a new home than your current home is worth you will be actually be behind in the long run!  Interest rates are also going to go up and for each percentage point that it goes up you are losing about 10% in buying power.

Here is an example.  to stick with round numbers and keeping it easy lets say your current home is worth 200K, and the home that you want to buy is worth 400K!  Both homes appreciate by 10%.  Your home now sells for 220K and the new home is 440K.  That is a 20,000 difference in price.  If the interest rates continue to go up, you will actually spend far more money on the same home than if you were to sell TODAY, and buy that new home for you and your family.

Call TODAY for a FREE market analysis of your homes value!!!!!!!!!

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