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Gary Mawson Jr.

Brewery coming to Belmar!

February 17th, 2014 at 4:01 pm by Gary Mawson Jr.

There are a lot of great things happening in the area, and new business’ coming are always a great sign for recovery.  There are lots of new homes being built and there around town by builders and new buyers in the area.  So one of the new exciting things that is coming is a new brewery.

Beach Haus Brewery is taking over the space that was previously occupied by the iconic Freedmans Bakery.  This is a fresh new change to the downtown section of Main Street in Belmar which features new luxury rentals and several new retail spaces.  This addition is sure to bring some more people to the area and will help the other restaraunts and business’ with new patrons that may not have normally come to town.  From a real estate standpoint having new stores, restaraunts and attractions will help draw in more people that may be interested in buying homes in the area to take advantage of what I feel is an up and coming town.

You can see the change in the air.  The boardwalk was rebuilt better than before with new sidewalks and palm trees lining the streets on Ocean Ave.  The main attraction to town got a facelift, and now the addition of a brewery will give summer beach goers an alternative on those rainy days!

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